About Us

At DevelopMyBiz Services we are here to serve businesses of all sizes. Our mission statement says it all: We are a service organization with a focus on developing businesses of today and those of tomorrow.
Our specialty is assisting you in developing your unique business dreams and turning them into reality by offering cost-effective and superior quality services. Our many services will enable you to get your business off the ground, keep your initiatives running smoothly and grow your business.
Our advanced features that we offer include:
• Business profiles – upload your business profile to help you to get found easier by those who need your services or products, as well as to connect with other businesses out there
• Newsletter and Blog – our newsletter and blog help to give you even more business resources and the latest information you need to know
• Domain name registration
• Web hosting
• Professional graphic design – stunning designs for everything from your company logo to your website and more
• Expert web programming – make the most of your online presence with the help of our advanced programming team. They are experienced in all of the latest technologies that will make your site look better and run faster.
• Professional business services – public relations, marketing assistance, legal help, accounting and more
• Staffing help – we save you time by finding high quality team members
• Office solutions – from relocating to expanding, we are here to help
We are committed to building long-term relationships with every single client and we always strive to ensure that each client’s business achieves the success that they are after.

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